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Integrated Business Ventures

Joint Ventures Engaging Native American Communities

RCS Energy Services, through Native American joint ventures and partnerships, is proud to support opportunities for Native American communities and individuals.  RCS assists Native American communities by supplying support services to enter a wide variety of  industries.

We prioritize growth opportunities for Native American owned businesses through sustainable joint ventures between industry and the communities of interest.

Our team has extensive experience dealing with the unique challenges of working with Native American communities that have minimal exposure to industry.


Services assisting Native American communities and individuals:

  • Identification of essential goods and services required for success in each industry sector, and opportunities to fulfill those needs
  • Access to joint ventures or partnerships to supply essential goods and services, with priority given to local private sector partners
  • Contract negotiations for goods and services with the many industry sectors 
  • Determination of the appropriate corporate vehicles for business ventures or partnerships
  • Legal advice on commercial and taxation issues associated with business ventures or partnerships
  • Negotiation of contracts with potential partners
  • Finalization and execution of business ventures in the identified priority areas
  • Identification of employment and training opportunities and development of required certification delivery mechanisms
  • Establishment of Native American monitoring, evaluation and audit systems
  • Defining traditional land use areas